To Be Named At A Later Date
College essay: write about a moment that changed your life
Me: Paparazzi at 2009 VMAs

Hey guys! Yesterday I just started a series of blogs I’ll be doing everyday until August 9th! That’s when I go on my beach trip! Give me tips! See my progress! Help me out! And just make friends :)


7% cell phone battery
0% motivation

Lol! Literally me last night!!!



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Feeling so much better now! :D Got my energy back!

Feeling so much better now! :D Got my energy back!

Clicky to watch my Spring/Summer Haul :D
And check out my hot camera man at the end!

Some of the Best Smells Ever

-Clean laundry or currently drying laundry
-Bathroom after a shower
-“Linen and Sky”/”Fresh Linen”/Etc.

I did some serious shopping today! I’m excited for the warm weather! Special Buys: Alba toner and face wash, sunnies, undies, nail polosh, nail care kit, and stila lip glazes.
:D Yay Spring!

I love me some Lacey!